“They can take my depression but they would not be able to take my sadness”

How talking about mental health issues can be easier than talking about how we feel   I have been working in the psychotherapeutic profession for many years now and I am always excited about it as I am always learning. I learn from colleagues, conferences and books but I am mostly and more significantly learning from my […]

Mindfulness & Compassion

Mindfulness has become something of a buzz word in the last decade. It’s likely you’ve read an article, heard a friend talking about it, or perhaps your GP has mentioned its benefits for mental health, but what is it and could it benefit you? Mindfulness is a Buddhist practice that allows you to bring a […]

Hearing voices counselling and psychotherapy

To explain how we work with people hearing voices it is important to write first about how we understand mental illness. Whilst a purely medical psychiatric model looks for the causes in an imbalance of hormones, genetics and other physical reasons, the trauma model believes that our psychology is shaped by experiences and traumatic events […]

Self-Harm and Self-Care

Our therapeutic team have extensive experience within the field of abuse, trauma, loss and eating disorders. We aim to facilitate a sensitive exploration and understanding of self-harm and self- injurious behaviours. Self-harm can be on a continuum of overt and physical injury to self including suicidal ideation. We recognise this as a form of non-verbal […]

Creativity and therapy

Creativity in the therapeutic context may be defined as finding a novel solution to problems. I am not talking about the act of being creative but something far more fundamental: our innate human capacity to cope with difficult situations and to solve our own problems. For those of us who are not painters, writers, musicians […]


It is difficult to define spirituality. Each individual, more often than not, will have their own version of what spirituality means to them. For some, spirituality is associated with believing in a Higher Power, for others, it may be a secular practice, an experience pertaining to an inner wisdom or a connection to Mother Nature. […]

Young people & counselling

Sometimes young people, like adults, can benefit from therapy. Young people suffer stress from school demands, bullying & friendship issues. With adolescents, parents and carers may be wondering what happened to their lovely girl or boy, who now storms around the house and slams the door in their face. Whatever their age, experiencing difficulties at […]

Death, bereavement and loss

Death, bereavement and loss are natural life events – they happen to all of us. We think we should be able to cope but loss can be frightening and disturbing as well as very painful. It is not unusual to feel very isolated and alone with your grief even if you have family and friends […]


Self-esteem can be described as a generalized attitude we have toward ourselves. It consists of all the ideas that we have about ourselves, the way we feel toward ourselves and what we believe others think of us. Our self-esteem affects every aspect of our experience, from the way we function in relationships, at work, how […]


Diverse and inclusive practice applies a respectful and non judgemental approach validating the challenges and potential in negotiating our differences and similarities. Your diversity or ‘difference’ may include ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disabilities, nationalities and social economic differences. Transcultural counselling or psychotherapy values your ‘difference’ while acknowledging the hurts which affect our world […]