Anna Gyorfi

BPS Chartered Psychologist

About me

I am a psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist working with adults and couples.

I studied Psychology (MA) at ELTE University and Clinical Psychology at Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest. I am also a psychoanalytic psychotherapist trained at the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Society and a trainee couple therapist at the Tavistock Clinic. I am Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society in the Division of Clinical Psychology and working towards accreditation with the British Psychoanalytic Council.

My approach
I am a talking therapist working in the psychoanalytic tradition. This means that together with the patient we look at how the unconscious mind can influence their thoughts and behaviours, how it can recreate the past in their present. We explore early childhood experiences to discover how these events might have shaped the individual’s personality and how they contribute to current situations.

My therapeutic approach is to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress, establish a greater understanding of their motivation, and enable them to find more appropriate ways of coping or bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour. This work involves exploring feelings, beliefs, thoughts and relevant events, sometimes from childhood and personal history.

People choosing this type of treatment often meet with their therapist at least once a week and may remain in therapy for a number of months or years. Meeting regularly for a longer time enables both parties to get to know the other and engage in a therapeutic relationship that opens a special space for emotional discoveries.

I have been supporting adults, young people and couples for over 20 years.
I worked with individuals couples and families in a clinical setting, supporting parents and young people in a public school as school counsellor and working with adults and couples psychoanalytically in private practice. Over these years I have helped many people deal with mental health issues or emotional distress, which can be experienced in many ways including:

>Anxiety or an inability to cope or concentrate
>Panic attacks and phobia
> Lack of confidence or excessive shyness
>Feelings of depression, sadness, grief or emptiness
>Coping with trauma
>Difficulty making or sustaining relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships
>Sexual problems
>Difficulties in coming to terms with losses such as bereavement, divorce or loss of employment
>Self harm
>Obsessive behaviour

Training and qualification

Psychologist (MA)
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist
Trainee Psychoanalyst

Professional affiliation:

Registered member of the Hungarian Clinical Psychologists Association
Chartered member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber

Contact details

Phone number: 07704223777

Works with

Individuals, Couples

Days working at the practices:

Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays


Although Therapport Limited, the owner of the practice, is thorough in checking the qualifications, insurance and professional registration of each of our practitioners, the relationship is ultimately between the client and the practitioner themselves. Therapport Limtied provides space for clinicians and is not responsible for the clinical work they provide. Anna Gyorfi is a BPS Chartered Psychologist, therfore the complaints should be direct to The British Psychological Society.