Peter Teigen

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist

About me

What makes people seek psychotherapy and couselling in the first place? Perhaps your familiar ways of doing things and coping with situations have interacted with recent events in such a way that you now turn to professional support.
Communication seems a good place to start; relationship issues, depressive episodes, anxiety and recent life-changes etc all have communication (or lack of) in common. Better communication with those around you is often what is looked for, yet it is your internal communication which must to be addressed in order for you to become more together - within yourself and in relation to others.
Sometimes the internal communication is so busy or furious that it needs readdressing, calming down in order to stand back and look at your particular difficulties more clearly; at other times, your internal communication wants amplifying - enhancing your inner 'speaking up' and training your mind's ear to better tune into and care for yourself in different situations.

Training and qualification

BSc (honours) Psychology, The Open University (2012)
Diploma in Gestalt Individual and Group Psychotherapy (2010)
MA Gestalt Psychotherapy Studies, London Metropolitan University (2008)

Professional affiliation:

BPS (The British Psychological Society) MBPsS

Contact details

Phone number: 07939224463

Works with

Individuals, Couples

Days working at the practices:

Thursdays, Fridays


Although Therapport Limited, the owner of the practice, is thorough in checking the qualifications, insurance and professional registration of each of our practitioners, the relationship is ultimately between the client and the practitioner themselves. Therapport Limtied provides space for clinicians and is not responsible for the clinical work they provide. Peter Teigen is a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist, therfore the complaints should be direct to United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.