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Work from our therapy rooms in Pimlico

Therapport Limited, the owner of the practice, manages two practices in Kensington and Pimlico. The counselling and psychotherapy practice in Pimlico has grown in the community for almost 10 years. Throughout these years, we have supported therapists in developing their businesses. We aim to provide high-quality, affordable therapy rooms to rent within walking distance from Victoria Station, where therapists can establish and build their private practice. In addition to the therapy room, we provide an opportunity to advertise on our website,  which is search engine optimised (SEO). We also offer individual marketing sessions to  support how you advertise and grow your business.

We value diversity and inclusion both amongst people and the environment. We invite people from all ethnic backgrounds, sexualities, relationships, genders, and therapeutic modalities. We organise and co-sponsor trainings in intersectionality and GSRD to make sure our practice is an inclusive place both for clients and therapists. We use a proportion of second-hand furniture, ecological cleaning products, and only green energy. Above all, we value dialogue, difference, and working in a community.

If we offer so much, how our therapy rooms are still affordable?

We offer 6-7 hourly slots, 8am to 3pm and 3pm to 10pm (same time each week) as we have found that this provides a nice day of work for therapists committed to private practice. It may feel like a big commitment but bear in mind that what you pay for our 6 hours slots will only get you 2-3 hours at many other locations in and around London. Our cost per hour is between £5.19 and £10.27, depending on time and room size.

What is your notice period?

The notice period is very short; just one month, no strings attached. However, we found that building a private practice can take between three months and a year and many need support to push through the first couple months of potential uncertainty, and the anxiety that comes with it. What new therapists need to do to succeed is to clear their calendar, get good support in supervision and commit to a space. We have designed our business to help with this.

Practice layout and rooms

We have four therapy rooms, one room for individual, group, and polyamorous relationship therapy, two for individual and couples therapy, and one budget room for one-to-one. Our waiting area is soundproofed, and trusted clients can let themselves with a code to electronically controlled secure door. We have a small kitchenette with a microwave, dishwasher and fridge as well as a bathroom.

A high-quality, reliable internet connection with multiple access points around the practice also enables the work to take place online. We also have laptop tables available in all of the rooms.


Our cleaner comes twice a week to restore the practice to its usual glory; however, we rely on all therapists sharing some tasks throughout the day, including loading and unloading the dishwasher and making sure that your room is clean for the next person. This helps keep costs down and also contributes to the ethos of a community of practitioners that care for our space.

Professional requirements

We require you to be registered with one of the main therapeutic bodies and have insurance. We accept senior trainee therapists. Therapists not registered may rent the rooms but would not be able to advertise on our website due to our insurance requirements.

Great Location

Our therapy rooms to rent are located just a 2-3 minute walk from Pimlico underground station. Within walking distance are also Vauxhall and Victoria Stations (10 and 14 minutes). We also have a small community park hidden behind the practice, a lovely place to enjoy lunch from the Tachbrook Food Market available every day on a neighbouring street.

Viewings and sign-ups

All our staff are either counsellors or psychotherapists who have experience of working in private practice. Please get in touch and let us know when you are available for a viewing.

You can also call us on 020 3637 9150 or email