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Diverse and inclusive practice applies a respectful and non judgemental approach validating the challenges and potential in negotiating our differences and similarities. Your diversity or ‘difference’ may include ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disabilities, nationalities and social economic differences.

Transcultural counselling or psychotherapy values your ‘difference’ while acknowledging the hurts which affect our world view or how we relate with others. We aim to not deny painful experiences while remaining respectful of your creative ways of self protection. Feelings of shame, hurt, fear and anger may be held inside or felt to be uncontrollable, affecting your emotional and physical wellbeing.  Transcultural practice involves reciprocal, active exchange and an understanding of you through the experiences of your own cultural lens.

Some of these experiences may have been denied leading to confusion, alienation or self denial.  Some may include physical and emotional wounding, language and meaning, stereotyping, identity confusion, feeling like an outsider or trauma from past generations still alive in the present.  The therapeutic relationship can help you digest this and often for the first time respond with safety, competence and sensitivity.

You maybe aiming to develop your own trainings and transcultural practice which can be explored through individual or group work, further developing your potential through shared experience.

At the same time we do not deny our own culture and its possible impact on the therapeutic work. Through commitment to dialogue and exploring how our cultures influence the ways we feel and think we are able to create a therapeutic environment where diversity is not an obstacle or taboo, but an important part of who we are.

Our competence and sensitivity is reflected in our past work and experience with diverse groups. This includes commitment to ongoing trainings and personal development within the transcultural realm.

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Dr Adam Kincel

Working as a psychotherapist it is important for me to enable equal and open conversation. Equality requires us to keep on reviewing power dynamics often related to race, gender, disability, sexuality, etc. I have facilitated Race Equality Cultural Capability trainings for NHS, worked with charities working in mental health and RNIB and researched diversity in large groups. In the last years I have supported clients working on their cultural and sexual diversity, immigration and marginalisation.

Phone 07920255542, email