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Couple therapy

Often, when couples seek therapy they feel their relationship has changed, beautiful early experiences have turned into struggles and difficulties; at times to the degree of questioning the viability of the relationship altogether.

There can be various difficulties. Some couples argue all the time over the smallest things, but these quarrels lead nowhere. Others stop talking to each other, communication and intimacy break down, leaving the parties frustrated, lonely and misunderstood. There are people who seem to get on well in their everyday life but their sex life is not as satisfying as they wished. Insecurities, personal histories, fears and the breakdown of trust can make it difficult to fully enjoy each other’s company. These emotions are common and most couples experience them sometimes, but when they start dominating the relationship and you don’t seem to be able to move on, couple therapy and counselling can help.

In couple therapy you can look closely into what you appreciate and would like to keep in your relationship, and what you’d like to see changed. How conflicts are usually created and how each of you deals with them. What issues you find difficult to talk about and when you feel misunderstood or not listened to. For some, couple therapy is seen a ‘last resort’ to salvage the relationship, others use couple therapy sessions as a way to keep their relationship healthy and address any underlying concerns that may become conflicts in the future.

You can’t repair a relationship in one or two sessions with a few good advises, but in time couple therapy can offer you a journey which helps you understand why you choose each other and how you built up a rich, loving and enduring relationship.

To find out more about couple therapy, you can contact any of the couple therapists listed below:

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Christine Fletcher

BACP Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist

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Dr Fraya Wolf

BACP Accredited Practitioner

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Dr Stacy Gandolfi

HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist

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Ula Sroda-Voniatis

UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist